So many families are having a hard time getting home to the dinner table.

More often than not, households have two working parents, children have school and extra-curricular activities, and the thought of putting a meal on the table after a day of working and an afternoon of driving, soccer and homework, feels overwhelming. Some parents may get home late after commuting long-distances, some may be raising children without the help of a partner, others may be involved in the complications of a blended family. By necessity, quality time is constantly pushed further down the priority list; relationships may be stressed and under pressure. Given all this, who has the time and the wherewithal to plan and shop for meals every day?

And then, there’s the cooking.

In just a couple of generations, the ease and comfort of everyday cooking has all but evaporated, replaced with packaged, convenience food or easy restaurant experiences. Children are not eating the way their grandparents did. Many are picky eaters, and if everyone does sit together, each member of the family is eating something different.

Mealtimes are often rife with tension, unhealthy, expensive, and often, no fun at all.

What I know:

Eating home-cooked food together on a regular basis helps to promote healthy habits in mind, body, and spirit for everyone in the family. Even the simple act of setting the table, passing around dishes of beautifully presented, great smelling food and then sharing that meal can generate feelings of closeness and comfort. We can learn about each other and interact multi-generationally. We relax, perhaps tell a story about the day, and in so doing, create a family culture. It's through these routines and habits that traditions are built, establishing a strong foundation for a family’s future.

What's getting in the way:

If you’re visiting this website, it's likely because you are not satisfied with your dinner time experiences and would like help and inspiration – this could simply be a need for cooking lessons, or a strategy to organize the time to plan, shop and cook.

I am here to help. I use common-sense practicality and creativity to help you achieve a delicious family dinnertime that reflects the goals and culture unique to your family.