We talk. We cook.

The Dinner Table Project is tailored to the unique needs and goals of each family.

Cost: I offer an initial, free, in-person consultation in order to get a feel for your needs and to see if we are a good fit for each other. Drawing on your values, strengths, temperament, and aspirations, we map a path to your dinner table.

After that, we set goals and work together step-by-step, building on successes and learning from failures. You will find what really works for you and your family over the long-term.

We talk. We cook.

You identify the food your family likes and we cook through your list and menus. Together, we will go over fundamentals to develop cooking literacy and confidence from the cupboard to the plate.

Join The Dinner Table Project:

Identify & achieve family goals & visions

Work on time management & prioritization

Balance roles & responsibilities in your family

Cook relaxed, homemade, weeknight meals 

Make beautiful, delicious, healthy food on your budget

Learn weekly meal planning

Gain confidence & clarity feeding your family

Maintain consistency through trying times, transitions & changing stages of child development

Learn how to feed special needs children along with everyone else in the family


Broaden your cooking repertoire, from basic cooking techniques to mastering special dishes

Individual cooking lessons as well as group cooking workshops with family and/or friends.

Stock & organize your kitchen

Cook with confidence for guests, parties & special occasions

Rediscover old traditions & create new ones